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Amanda-Gagne11 karma

I agree with this. As someone on that side of things, if you ask me if there is anything you can do to help I will automatically say no. It is a very difficult thing, when struggling, to ask our friends for support. We may not feel like we are worthy enough. But if you offer something specific and concrete, like “Let’s go for lunch tomorrow afternoon” I will be much more likely to engage with you. Just the other day one of my friends offered to pick my children up from school for me. I would never have asked, but I was very grateful for her kind gesture of support during a difficult day.

Amanda-Gagne3 karma

But what if someone who is already doing a lot of self-care still feels like they are having, or headed towards a burnout? What advice do you give them? We can tell them to take better care of themselves, but do you have any concrete examples?

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I am a caregiver by profession. I often get caught up in my students’/clients’ stories and carry them with me. How do I detach at the end of the day so I don’t carry that weight home with me?