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Thank to for the reply, I had heard stories of them fiddling with temperature settings to make things catch etc. glad it isn't the case.

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At my uni in the UK there's no real jibes at all, only notice it with postgrads joining from Imperial where they just do STEM.

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How real is Masterchef? As in, is anything done just to make it better TV/cause contestants issues to overcome?

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I think maybe part of it is that you pick your degree before going so, for example, I chose chemistry. As we've two years of post-compulsory school prior to university you don't have to take courses outside your area, so you don't have say business students doing physics or a biologist struggling with history, unless they've specifically chosen those courses. Also there will usually be a list of suitable options to pick.

Of course there are still jokes and jibes but it tends to be lighthearted and reciprocated rather than coming from a bogus sense of being better.