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based on what we know currently. Every other possibility is based on untested hypotheses and just wishful thinking

You have to remember that our science is just a few thousand years old, given that many species could have had millions or billions of years more than us to discover the universe, we shouldn't rule anything out based on our perhaps baby view of the universe (just look at how often we came to new discoveries in the past decades).

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Can you tell us some highlights of your most cherished experiences? Can you tell us your strangest experience and can you tell us how your 'average' meditation was like and what benefit you felt you got from it most strongly? Thanks ;)

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thank you

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Do you belief that meditation and mindfulness with a strong dedication to what is termed 'liberation' or 'enlightenment' is possible for everyone? And thus can be a potential cure for depression for everyone when used with enough persistence?

I know how unlikely that may sound though I must say, in my experience it's true that this path works, and that it first eliminates all mental suffering and brings peace and joy, and that it has the potential to eventually reach even a much deeper state beyond that of pure bliss (though I cannot attest for that yet).

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Wonderful, thank you.