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AlternativeHole5 karma

I try to keep up with crypto-related technologies but often I can't seem to connect the economics how of the "currency" tied to the blockchain technology actually works. In other words, how does the currency of hydro tie into what you're trying to solve?

If I'm understanding this correctly, you are trying to create a solution for being able to secure someone's identity via authentication, documentation, and payment. What does the underlying currency have to do with this? Why would the coin/eth matter and why would the coin increase or decrease in value?

AlternativeHole2 karma

Could you dive a little deeper into authentication? So before anything begins, you need to create a new user id and store that somewhere (typically a database). You're saying that creating a userId requires HydroTokens?

I'm already wondering why one would need tokens to create a userId?

And does it cost HydroTokens to look someone up who's already been authenticated? Does it cost HydroTokens to look someone up who hasn't been authenticated?