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My evangelical Uncle was very surprised that my Catholic side of the family had no problem with evolution. It’s only an insecure sliver of Christianity that needs God to do flashy parlor tricks. There’s plenty of folks who recognize God’s Glory (or whatever) in evolution.

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Are horses the only thing we’ve ever ridden? I just want to imagine a caveman riding on a wooly rhino or like some other megafauna. Is caveman offensive?

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I believe “foot” or “butt” would have been acceptable.

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Did you actually read that article? Or just the headline?

Because this is what it says:

>A study published in the journal Nature by researchers at Imperial College London in June found that some 3.1 million deaths had been averted due to lockdowns across Europe early on in the pandemic.

"This data suggests that without any interventions, such as lockdown and school closures, there could have been many more deaths from COVID-19. The rate of transmission has declined from high levels to ones under control in all European countries we study," Dr. Samir Bhatt, an author of the study from Imperial College London said in June, according to the university.

"Careful consideration should now be given to the continued measures that are needed to keep SARS-CoV-2 transmission under control," he added.

Here's a bonus article for all the "headline ONLY' readers:


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I would like to discuss your definitions of exploring and finding. Is it not like recognizing and studying? I mean, pedantically, if it's not technically right, how can we know if they're essentially right? And that doesn't even address the issue of the differences between reasons and causes.