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That friend of his checking in. Hi.

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You misspelled potatoes and Guinness.

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"More money, more problems." - Wolfgang Gartner, - Michael Scott

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Asked the manager what direction the guy ran off to, hopped in my car, hauled ass in the direction, found him not too far from the scene (he was a fatboy and couldn't get very far very fast), and luckily I had an officer stop in front of me and put me on the hood of my car as he was told I was the suspect (* story about this below). I happened to stop/get stopped RIGHT behind the guy (I could (read: SHOULD) have almost ran the guy over had the officer showed up about 5 seconds later). Pointed out who he was, at which point another officer ran up and apprehended the guy.

  • Side story: I own a shiny red sports car, and after learning where the suspect ran off, I hopped in it, and hauled ass out of the parking lot at a very high rate of speed. The people who ran outside after I was taking off assumed I was taking off because I stabbed him (understandable reasoning, I suppose), so the officers were looking for my sports car, and I was stopped first. Which happened to be a GREAT thing, because I probably would have ran the guy over had I not been stopped... so much was going through my mind while this was all happening.

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Bravery, nay. I just did the right thing. Guy killed my friend (or so I thought at the time), and there's no fucking way in hell that shit bag was getting away with it on my watch.