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Alpinestarhero3139 karma

You're BEATING pancreatic cancer?

Fucking high five mate.

So all the things you wished you could do but never got round to doing, what are they and when will you do them?

Alpinestarhero310 karma

Oh, that Dave! He'll do anything!

Alpinestarhero20 karma

Do you ever just wanna light it up on that fretboard and go full on steve vai?

Alpinestarhero9 karma

Do it. With the wind machine for your hair. Got no hair? Use a wig. Dedicate it to the captain. Get him to wail with you. Awesome. Merry christmas and happy 2017 buddy!

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Hi there. I was wondering if you ever hear "new" sounds, or do you have a preconception of what something will sound like based on experiences when you could hear in your younger age?