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In 1992 we went out to look at this 3 story home in Playa del Rey. During inspection the house was cracking and actually moving. We had to immediately install shoring to prevent the home from collapsing. The hillside had eroded to the extent that the BOTTOM of the original foundation was exposed - hence the threat of imminent collapse. Here it is

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Definitely! We have created a searchable database that people can use to see if their building has been cited. If you are in Los Angeles you can search soft-story search or, if you are in Santa Monica, you can search Santa Monica soft-story search.

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Yes, newer homes are far superior to older homes. Building codes were changed in 1996 to protect against earthquakes. This was a direct response to the 1994 Northridge earthquake. If your home was built in 2000 you are in good shape.

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The City of Los Angeles released a list of all of the apartment buildings that have, or are due to, receive an order to comply by the City for earthquake retrofitting. You can search for your building: soft-story search.

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Someone fully excavated under a house leaving the floors hanging in the air. All foundations were left unsupported and suspended in air. That was probably the dumbest. But we have seen all sorts of weird framing and car jacks used to support houses - we have seen everything.