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For individual footprint, you put out ~12-16 tons of carbon every year. You can do a lot to minimize this bit even if you do get it down to 0 it's not a huge impact UNLESS you influence your neighbors/friends/family to make changes as well. The big hitters are lifestyle changes like using public transportation, or eating less meat. You can also attempt to move towards zero waste. If you open your house, insulate your attic, and a switch to a heat pump when it's time to change your AC or heater (unless you get your electrical from coal).

In Belgium they want everyone off fuel and gas for heating their homes and to switch to solar + heat pump.

They pushed people to buy solar panels and now fucked everyone by first giving too much subsidized money and did a complete 180 screwing over the people who are now building their houses.

Because of this you get 1/8th for your electricity that you produce (and not use) with your solarpanels and are forced to buy more expensive electricity when you need it for your heat pump. All while they are planning to close nuclear plant and start opening gas plants (all that while people at home will not be allowed to use gas to heat their homes in the future)

Staying on fossil fuels/gas as long as possible is for the most people the easiest or only option. All while they are forcing people to switch to EV's which will then push the price of electricity even higher.

I invested in solar panels and am now building my own house. The plan was solar panels + heat pump but if nothing is changing I will just have to buy/rent a gas tank cause buying an expensive heat pump that will use expensive electricity is just not possible. It doesn't make any sense financially and the government saying 'fuck you we'll be building gas plants' kinda makes me not want to pay extra while the government is not even doing the best thing for the environment.

It has to start from the top. Bullying the middle/lower class to be environment friendly while doing fuck all yourself isn't going to save the planet.

End of rant.

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What is your opinion on the big increase and the effect it is having on Europe?

People in Europe seems to be leaning right-wing political since the increase.