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At least it's not as bad as Camden

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Was that difficult emotionally, telling the prisoners that they had to stay in the camp and that they weren't quite free yet?

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Surely, Mayor Booker, you're required by city codes to say that the best baseball team (major, minor, or other) in the area is the Newark Bears.

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Mayor Booker, I'm an inhabitant of Essex County and live no more than fifteen minutes from downtown Newark. Essex County is a patchwork of incredibly wealthy areas and incredibly poor areas. Have some of the wealthier areas lent you any support in your crusade to rejuvenate Newark, or are you more or less on your own.

In a similar vein, how much support do you have from the regular inhabitants of Newark? Do you find there's a lot of enthusiasm for your efforts or are people resigned to life in the city as it is?

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I think people were amused by your excitement because it gave them a chance to view their home through a different lens. I've lived outside of NYC for my entire life, and as a result I forget how awe-inspiring it can be to some people. Seeing your wide-eyed fascination was probably somewhat cathartic to natives.