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Alonzo194822 karma

While at the festival, I purchased a $75 patchwork jacket. I asked for a large, but recieved a medium. When I opened the plastic and noticed it was the wrong size I went to exchange it, but they refused because it was outside the plastic. The issue is, I had no way of noticing that they gave me the wrong size UNTIL I opened it.

They recommended I sell it online, because they said they almost sold out anyway. The issue is, currently all the sizes are available on the GovBall website and no one is going to buy the jacket through 3rd party websites as a result, which means I pretty much lost $75 due to a staffing error. This brings me to 2 questions:

  1. What training does the general staff go through to prevent this type of expensive mistake?

  2. Why is it that festival merch sells out by day 2, but is readily available through the website days after the event? Wouldn't it make more sense to provide the merch to the people at the festival first and sell the leftovers on the website after the fact?