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As a Canadian, on the outside looking in, we actually had a really big issue with this a few years back, where there were hotels offering long term stay for the purposes for mother's giving birth in Canada. The purpose of course was to have a child of Canadian birthright, and therefore avoid being deported. Very similar to what is happening in the United States right now.

My question is, do you consider the birthing of an, and I'll borrow a less than favourable term, "anchor baby", morally acceptable, considering it circumvents the due process of immigration? Or do you think this is perfectly acceptable, and should be left as it, as an exploitable loophole?

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Okay, makes sense. Thank you for your answer.

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Your primary product, the taser, is often touted as the prime "less than lethal" option, but can result in Officers being injured due to the taser being ineffective. This has been caused by baggy clothes, or poor connection. Are you developing a solution that is able to balance this out?