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Use more peanut butter.

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I hadn't heard of you until now, but now I'm a fan.

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Hello. I was a homeless alcoholic by 19. I managed to weasel into the military, where my alcoholism was accelerated to comical levels. Just, hilarious. Upon separation, I took up smoking pot to try and replace the alcohol with something else. It worked.

Marijuana quite literally saved my life. I now hold multiple degrees and have a very nice University desk job. If anyone ever says it's just replacing one addiction with another, they're right. But only one has negative consequences. The other has been an unimaginable boon to the successes I've had over the past decade.

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Those aircraft boneyards are meticulously managed and each one of those aircraft can be returned to service if absolutely necessary. It is not in anyway a dump. It's a strategic placement of assets in a climate that won't rot them.

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Weird username, mom.