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Hi! I have two questions -

1) People seem to be asking about all the danger you've been through, but what is the most heartwarming event you've witnessed in your career?

2) What advice would you give to someone who hopes to enter the same line of work?

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Do you believe prison has made you a better person?

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Do you think that there is a time at which a person can no longer fully reach their potential on the piano when learning from scratch? So many great pianists seem to have practiced since they were very young.

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That's pretty incredible, a very bold decision. Thank you for sharing.

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That's interesting (sorry if I offended you by the way, my last post sounded a little patronising). I've currently become interested in different prison systems around the world. Norway has almost hotel-standard prisons and yet a very low reoffending rate, even for murder. What is your opinion on this treatment?