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Aka "Barbie doll"

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My worst was I left behind the plate without signaling time out to clarify something to the scorekeeper. While I was away from the plate, the pitcher pitched and the batter hit the ball. Was a solid hit, batter ended up on second base

One coach was complaining that the pitch and hit were invalid since I wasn't behind the plate, which was a good argument. But to accept it, I would have to remove the batter from second base and piss off the other coach.

In the end, I was able to make all teams and all fans hate me simultaneously.

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In baseball, I was trained not to try and teach the correct rules to the fans. So when I make a correct call, but they yell at me because they don't understand the rules well enough, I say nothing

Years ago this meant more. But with internet arguments, people now assume no responses means they won an argument and are right so it encourage them to keep shouting about a call that was always correct

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Have you ever seen the "insane Excel challenge?"

Dude holds the arrow key nonstop until he can reach the bottom of excel

It takes all day


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If you accidentally make a bad call against team A then later you intentionally make a bad call in favor of team A to balance the fairness. Not a great idea because now you made 2 bad calls but that's what it means