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To edit images they need to be uploaded. So what about the usage rights of the contents/images?

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Any connection with logosnews?

Just recently was an AMA on the same topic. https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/bgk8hz/hi_im_oliver_im_the_cofounder_ceo_of_logos_a/elsaq1x/?context=3

Or is it just coincidence?

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Nice! Thanks.

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Today is my lucky day 😉

About a decade ago I walked into a record shop and asked for a version of a classic piece. I don't even remember which one. But what I remember clearly is the sales clerk saying:

"And here is a recording by our God Lang Lang."

The first question coming to mind is "Do you answer prayers?"

No, seriously: Is that tendinitis still bothering you? Surely hope not.

And thanks for all the heavenly music.

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Is it true that carriers of sickle-cell anemia show a certain resistance to malaria?

And if so, how does that impact your work?