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To edit images they need to be uploaded. So what about the usage rights of the contents/images?

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Any connection with logosnews?

Just recently was an AMA on the same topic. https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/bgk8hz/hi_im_oliver_im_the_cofounder_ceo_of_logos_a/elsaq1x/?context=3

Or is it just coincidence?

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Nice! Thanks.

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I'd like to ask a more personal question, if you don't mind.

How are you able to cope with the fact that so many cultural treasures have been destroyed by wars and vandalism? Knowing they are irretrievably lost?

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Today is my lucky day 😉

About a decade ago I walked into a record shop and asked for a version of a classic piece. I don't even remember which one. But what I remember clearly is the sales clerk saying:

"And here is a recording by our God Lang Lang."

The first question coming to mind is "Do you answer prayers?"

No, seriously: Is that tendinitis still bothering you? Surely hope not.

And thanks for all the heavenly music.