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OP answered the question but kind of hedged.

Yes it’s real CBD but generally in person retail shops are gonna be selling a tiny tiny tiny amount. Like 10-20 mg. For like $50.

Read the label and figure out how much is actually in it so you don’t get ripped off.

Terra health essentials: 100mg for $43

Ananda hemp: 300mg for $43

Plant therapy: 1500mg for $40

So if you aren’t paying attention you might be overpaying by up to 15x.

In the immortal words of Wu tang: You gotta read the label

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Dr Sapolsky,

Your YouTube lectures on human behavioral biology got me through some tough times a few years ago. The way you distill academic knowledge into relatable information is quite special. So, thank you.

My question is: How do we get more policymakers current with what science is revealing to us each day? It seems that so many of the people who write laws are operating off of decades old assumptions, while technological advances only continue to increase over time. I worry that the US will paint itself into a corner. Society might be a happier place if legislators had to take a course from you.

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IAmA is dead (for the 50th time) long live IAmA

Username is literally BusinessInsider

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How did you transport the materials for building the cabin, and the other supplies you need for daily living? Seems like it would take a lot of trips with an ATV

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THC bubble tea you can mail me the check later!