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When I moved to my apartment years ago, I got cable and a new remote that I couldn't figure out. The top had 5 buttons that were identical and I had no idea which ones were which, since one was obviously the power button but I didn't know if it was the left, right, or one of the middle ones.

A kind of aggressive Italian dude who seemed to have a weak grasp of the english language helped me. He didn't know the word for middle and his other words were... jumbled at best, but we made it work lol.

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I know, back when it was just starting to get rolling, that BME was very slow to connect, I remember literally setting my phone down for half an hour and not getting connected back then. I use different apps now, like BeSpecular I think that let me just take a picture and ask for a specific answer than dealing with essentially a video call with strangers.

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My favorite are ones that are like, "type the word that doesn't fit. Shoes, shirt, potato."

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It makes screen readers mispronounce things if your spelling is too incorrect, as well as blind people using braille displays just being able to read it.