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Is it correct to assume that sabermetrics will never work in football and basketball like they do in baseball? And if so, is that because baseball is much more of an individual sport, or are there other reasons as well?

(Edit: By an individual sport, I mean that for the most part it's pitcher vs. batter, with anything happening after that only a result of the initial matchup. This is not like football, where even a simple five yard run only happens because of many moving parts, i.e. blocking, and thus makes it much harder to grade anyone on a completely individual level.)

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I feel like cyanide is more deadly than sugar but maybe that's just me.

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Does ALDI plan on taking over any of the areas being vacated by all the Dominick's in Chicago closing? (Either the actual buildings or different places in the same areas.)

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That could be, but he did use the word "deadly".

I get his point though. Mostly I'm just sit picking because I'm bored.

Edit: That was supposed to say nitpicker.

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I'm not so bored anymore so I'll make it quick.

Cyanide is still a more deadly poison than sugar.

Edit: Oh and I just realized autocorrect changed nitpicker to sit picker.