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Alith-Ahnar8 karma

As a Player that would love to command (not pilot) Capital Ships from the bridge my question is:

Is Carrier gameplay or general capital ship a system that is worked and iterated on?

Most noticeable focus on ships that have no fixed mounted weapons and subordinate control directly from the cockpit/bridge not the map?

Alith-Ahnar7 karma

hehe my guess is as Terran your HQ will be moved by someone else! ;)

Alith-Ahnar7 karma

Has there been any thoughts about removing or at least flatten the RNG impact to more reliable and satisfying use ship modding and allow the us at a larger scale?

Resulting in more viable diversity in ships.

Alith-Ahnar6 karma

Cruiser and Battleship are a often discussed favorite as none drone based Frigates.

Alith-Ahnar6 karma

Binding wings to weapon groups with a mark target command could do double duty to control wings from the cockpit and qualify as context input?!

Any Idea of going this or a similiar route?