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If you only care about commodities then we are absolutely more expensive and our G-series products are going to appeal to you much more. Beyond the commodities, Alienware designs use premium materials like aluminum and magnesium alloy - if you've ever owned, held and/or handled an Alienware it feels more solid and rigid than any other notebook available. AW systems are designed to our highest quality specifications, they allow for overclocking headroom, include better displays, higher battery capacities, upgrade-ability, more premium warranty support, Alienware graphics amplifier support, better looking industrial design, AlienFX lighting, Tobii eye-tracking... If you follow us and know our history we make huge investments in helping push the success of PC Gaming as a whole and bring more and more gamers over to the PC platform as their preferred. Our strategy is to grow PC Gaming and then earn business within that with great products. It's this strategy over the past 20+ years that has helped us contribute to the success of PC Gaming as we know it today and these investments are expensive.

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Hi squid,

Great first question, had to give it some thought.

My least favorite thing about the tech industry is when I see great companies fail because business, or lack thereof, gets in the way.

There are so many companies with great ideas, products or technology that unfortunately fail because they can't raise money or don't immediately meet expectations around revenue or profit goals. It's a tragedy to see.

  • Frank.

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No, g-sync draws too much power and reduces battery life faster than we were comfortable with for this product.

Alienware Command Center is now available on the Dell G5/G7 . Allows you to control the RGB keyboard lighting, set game profiles for lighting, AW peripherals like keyboard, mouse and displays, and power settings. More features coming through frequent updates. Over 30 updates made in 2018 alone.

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When I used to watch cartoons after school as a kid, the good guys fired blue lasers and the bad guys usually fired red. From that point on, it was blue for me.

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Alex and Nelson were talking about what they wanted to name the company. They knew that they were going to build some of the most advanced hardware and using the most advanced software to power it.

They've always been big sci-fi fans and X-files was one of their favorite shows back then. The thought was that Aliens would be using the latest technology and hardware and thus' Alien' + 'Ware' came to mind.