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Alice1985ds14 karma

Your book was amazing and I was sad to finish it.

Do you have more books planned?

Alice1985ds14 karma

Hey, that’s how every book gets started :)

I made sure to review your book on Amazon and Goodreads as well as my social media (rather small audience, haha!). Is there anything else we can do to help promote the book?

Also thank you so much for giving a sensitive voice to us atheists/agnostics everywhere. It resonated deep with me, especially during the holidays. You showed rationalism and critical thinking don’t equal heartlessness or prejudice. So truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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One more question that just popped up in my mind: you and your father both advocate for social change and empowerment of women/abortion/contraception, minority rights, transnational equality, gay rights and AIDS funding/research etc. For a lack of a better term, your father’s writing and philosophy was “woke” before that was ever a thing 😂 in a time where voicing those things were a risk to be taken.

What or who influenced those views in you? Do you know what or who inspired your father (if you know)?