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What is one thing about daily life in the prison system you feel should change?

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I supported and trained people on these machines in the mid 90s. We had a policy that any time the device got a positive result the test administrator had to call tech support and walk through the recalibration procedure. Once that was done correctly they would administer the test again.

If the second test was also positive then action was taken. There were a list of things we knew about that could cause a false positive. Almost all of them would clear up in the 15 minutes it would take to recalibrate the device.

Seems to me that if these organizations followed that procedure then there wouldn’t be a problem.

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Context: the boat wasn’t actually sinking. More context: he didn’t take them to the nearest port but rather skipped quite a few ports before arriving at a place that very explicitly said they were not allowing immigrants to dock at BEFORE the guy even picked up the refugees. The entire thing was an op designed to cause this exact court case.

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Why did you decide to join the CIA?

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To be clear, you believe tax payers in say Maryland should pay for roads to be built in Kansas and there shouldn’t be any restrictions that?