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General question about mobile deving:

Is is worth specializing in mobile platforms (as in spending a lot of time learning about it on its own), given the fact that the sdk technology is on the path of unification (in terms of APIs). For example, Microsoft recently announced their platforms (windows phone, PC, tablet, Xbone) will soon run on the same back end (an updated win 8.1 or win 9).

Also given that tablets and smartphones are getting better and better when it comes to performance, I see directX/OpenGL games on mobile platforms as quite an imminent thing, which would mean a PC game dev would have no issues switching to mobile dev (aside from touch controls and other device specific stuff).

What is your take on this ?

I'll post a terratech question in another comment since this one is a pretty big one on its own.

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Another few questions, this time regarding the game:

1) Since the game is heavily based on the physics engine, how confident are you in the physics behind terratech?

I know the game is in alpha and bugs are to be expected, but could you please comment a bit on how hard is it to keep the physics engine as robust as possible, without sacrificing 'realism' or key factors that make the game unique?

2) Flight controls. We definitely need them ! (that or I can't seem to figure them out)

3) Are there plans to allow flight vehicles leave the planet? (Like in Kerbal Space Program)

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fell right for it