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Alexander-N-Belmont94 karma

Huge fan Iga, I've been playing your games since SoTN, I even played Nano Breaker! My questions are about unanswered questions from your time on Castlevania. Would love to hear answers for all 3, but whatever you can tell us is appreciated.

  1. Why was Shanoa so special? You once said that Shanoa was a code name, but we never got her real name. I personally always thought she was the child or grandchild of Alucard and Maria, others thought she might be a Belmont or Morris, could you finally give us the answer?

  2. What is up with St. Germain? Aeon? This whole time traveling group, we never got any real information about them... Can you tell us anything? Are they related at all with the stop watch subweapon?

  3. Where were the Morris family during Order of Ecclesia? Were they not yet in action? How long after Symphony of The Night did the Morris Clan take up the vampire killer whip?

Alexander-N-Belmont8 karma

Thank you so much Iga! I can't wait to hear more about the Morris clan.

Alexander-N-Belmont2 karma

Years ago you showed a brief teaser for a ps3/xbox360 Castlevania game that featured Alucard. We never got any more information about what that game was, can you tell us anything about what it was going to be?

Alexander-N-Belmont2 karma

Almost all of the enemies and bosses from your Castlevania games were public domain characters and mythological beasts. Does this mean that we could see the return of fan favorites like Death, Medusa, Frankenstein, Legion, even Dracula himself?

Alexander-N-Belmont2 karma

If bloodstained is a big success, would you prefer to continue working in the same world? Potentially making Bloodstained into a decades long series? Or make other original stories of the same genre and style, but not connected to each other?