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From another comment.

I definitely believe I was targeted- I ran into Shane earlier that night at another bar, and he glared at me from his pool table after I had shouted my friend's name.

A lot of younger gay guys take on mannerisms as part of creating their identity as gay (flamboyancy, talking with a fake lisp, etc...) to make it obvious.

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I think it's fascinating how people that go through something like that adapt so well. I've heard when someone becomes paralyzed like your self or from the neck down they have loss of happiness at the beginning but then it eventually raises to wherever level it was before the accident.

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County District Attorney John Bradley "tenaciously fought" against DNA testing for six years before a judge finally ordered the tests.

It blows my mind that a DA would do something like that. So many innocent people getting locked up because these fuckers want to save face.

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Their was a small pawn shop in the Dayton area that recently got busted for being involved with a ring of people that stole items from stores and sold to the pawnshop for practically nothing.

If you can tell something is shady do you turn it away? report them? play dumb?

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Qualifications? So far your answers make you sound like a 12 year old girl.