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It’s not just the “very elderly with underlying health conditions”. There are young, previously healthy people who are dying, or becoming disabled. There are younger people who are already dealing with something - even if minor - who are dying or getting lifelong challenges.

There’s a great askreddit thread for people who had Covid already. I sugggsst you read it.

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Have you never come home from work in a Friday then gone to party or dinner with friends, etc? I’m disabled and still find time to have internet parties.

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I can’t make you read it. It was just a suggestion to better your understanding of how this is effecting everyone

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Hey guys! I’m going to download your app for myself and maybe my sister. I have a suggestion though, and a question.

Suggestion: your user interface looks awesome. Maybe add in some tools specifically for kids with special needs? Things like picture icons, completed buttons that make pleasant sounds, etc. You might have better ideas, I’m thinking for the middle schoolers and high schoolers with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, Autism, Down’s syndrome, etc. My brother in particular would benefit from constant reminders until it is done and a mandatory picture to prove it. (His is for things like eat breakfast, make bed, put on clean clothes).

Question: do you have a plan in place to allow payment after the fact? It could be a donation system or whatever but with incorporating things the way y’all do and the price point, some of us would be glad to donate. Maybe even just extra “features” like custom app icons (give a bank of them normally, then a paid “custom image” option for example). However works best for y’all, but especially if I can use this for my brother, I personally would love to be able to give back towards the development team.