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AlexMalhavok44 karma

What is the policy for curing(drying) the Cannabis Buds/Flower? Is there a policy or regulation related to the curing process? The legal nugs are always too crispy

AlexMalhavok6 karma

Thanks for the reply. I have dried and cured my own cannabis before. I hang the buds after trimming excess leaves, and check the moisture content by how easily a nug breaks apart and by how brittle the stems become after 3-5 days. My nugs are never so dry that they fall apart kiefy dust with a little pinch.

IMO the LP's are drying for too long. I would check on my nugs every day during the drying process, tender love and care to find the perfect feeling nugs. Perhaps the LP's and not Really doing quality control during the drying process, and just leaving them to hang for a set number of days. Like 7 or 8 days drying no exceptions kind of thing.

Any thoughts on this? I am on Ontario and have tried every single legal LP available. I have a shopping bag full of old weed containers from my local dispensary