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Alejandromano7 karma

Hey, I was Dx'd with CML in April 2010. I got mine from my foot hurting, which was bc my WBC were so high it was messing up my uric acid levels and it ended up giving me the gout at 25. I've been on gleevec ever since. Are you in the US?

The only pain I get from the meds is they are expensive and dealing with specialty chemo pharmacies are the worst. Make sure to stay hydrated as the only nagging side effect I've had is crazy muscle cramps every now and then in muscles that you didn't even know you had. I also was getting fatigued when i took it in the AM so I have to take it at night, which can be an adjustment. All and all pretty good though!

Being Diagnosed is insane though. I'll never forget the terrifying time between knowing i definitely had leukemia and not knowing if it was treatable. Wish you the best along with undetectable PCR results!