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We try to sell them for the next two or three weeks we are open, after that probably send them back to HQ. I hear that as long as the fireworks are properly stored and don't go wet, then they won't go bad. I mean, for these next few weeks, some people are going to be getting their fireworks for NEXT YEAR'S July 4th.

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We actually have a board posted up in our store with the biggest spenders. I wasn't there when this guy came in, but one dude spent over $4,000 dollars, and that was AFTER coupons and the buy one, get one free deal. My co-workers said he had like 5 carts full of stuff.

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I'm one of the stockers, and we pretty much put everything we have out on the floor. There are some things back there we don't put out that are pretty much just back-up items for when one thing completely sells out.

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We do have the Komodo 3000, as well as a fountain version of it. As for Malcolm in the middle crazy, nah, nothing THAT crazy.

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