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Good, good, good!

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Is it a coincidence that he died on this day that you're doing the ama? (My birthday, too!)

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Thanks! That fun happenstance, and being from Baltimore, is part of what lead me to his work during my own periods of depression in my teens. I still revisit him once in a while to reminese about the bad old days.

I think Masque of the Red Death was my first 'non-The Raven' story I read by him in middle school (I was a weirdo). The visceral and 'real' darkness was unlike anything I'd encountered at that time and still holds up in terms of fear. Him and Lovecraft are the only ones that can really scare me...

Why do you think his stories endure?

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Hi, market related video game question for you. Say there are different "worlds" in a game that are identical apart from their populations. The worlds cannot directly interact (without difficulty, but let's say the borders are just closed off). They each have the same materials but the market (represented by an auction house) present prices that are very different from each other. Now... Let's say that the borders are instantly removed and people can freely traverse to buy and sell between the worlds...

What happens? Do things even out for the better or does it ruin things?

I imagine this is a really simple question, and maybe not explained well. I'm clueless when it comes to these things.