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Was he assuming that he was in the active group and so he started having more sex? Were participants limited to certain activities or same activity levels with restrictions (using condoms, giving their partners oral contraceptives)? It seems like a bit of a fluke for someone to randomly have a higher libido, but also I'm interested to know if there were any unwanted pregnancies because someone in a control group was having unprotected sex.

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I'm no expert (virgin) and they certainly don't have a class for how to fit dudes for condoms in pharmacy school regardless of how people think how it works (asking the pharmacist to fit you for a condom will only generate laughs, awkward and genuine). But it seems to me like maybe he's getting a size that is too big or that he's not keeping an erection for very long. You should both look into how you can make it a better experience for both of you including but not limited to finding a condom (male or female) that works, maintaining arousal, and/or finding another method of contraception that works for you (there are many other options beyond just "the pill" including spermicides, patches, implants, IUDs, and so much more).

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Right. I'm even curious about the test group. The OP(s) keep spouting off about dropping sperm counts below so many millions/mL, and it seems like even those few 100 thousand could do the job. It just takes a few lucky swimmers to fertilize an egg. That's why even anal sex and the pull-out method aren't 100% safe.

I just keep finding more and more questions, not very many answers, but maybe all in good time.