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Albion_Tourgee2 karma

Am I understanding that you're saying, during the pandemic, a COVID-19 infection is the most common cause for anosmia. I know several people who has anosmia before COVID-19 even emerged (from flu or allergies), and several who've had anosmia during the pandemic, but did not have COVID-19 when tested.

Do you mean, there are studies that show, the majority of people with anosmia and cough or fever during the pandemic have COVID-19, or that COVID-19 is the most common single cause of these symptoms during the pandemic?

And related, if someone has anosmia without cough or fever, is this a common symptom of COVID-19 infection?

Albion_Tourgee1 karma

As we're looking into space time not space, doesn't this mean we can only look at a very narrow slice of history? For example, if a system is say 200 light years distant it would only be recognizable if an alien civilization had evolved to approximately our stage of technology 200 years ago, after several billion years of evolution. Are you assuming we could recgnize signals from a civilization even 200 years less technologically advanced? Or say 500 years more advanced? How do you deal with these probabilities that a distant alien civilization is at a very different point in it's development and therefore undetectable?