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I just came here to say thank you. I don't have a question really. My grandfather was an American in WWII taken POW by the Germans around the same time as you. His B-27 was shot down over Austria somewhere and he had to parachute out and was taken captive as well. He had so many interesting stories that I'm sure were hard to speak about.

I believe he was a POW for about 6 months until the Russians freed him. So far that, I salute you!

I suppose I do have a question. My grandfather said when he was taken captive that the Germans treated him quite well (as well as a POW could be treated I guess). Did you have a similar experience or did you find this to be completely untrue? You said you were kept alive to tend their wounded horses...was that the ONLY reason you were kept alive?

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He just wants his chickens.

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Have you ever experienced anything like this before? And what was your first reaction?

Also, hope your family is safe and you find some good from all of this!

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What's the most amount of cocaine requested by one of your clients?

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Would the revenue from drug legalization off-set those losses? Basically, the money would still be there, but come from a different source (ie: taxes from drug sales)?