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I've said consistently that I favor studying the programs in Colorado and Washington State to learn from them and then legalizing, regulating, and taxing cannabis in New Mexico. There are a number of reasons why this simply makes sense: we waste far too many law enforcement resources on marijuana-related offenses. And we waste too many lives of young people getting caught in an offense that ought not to be a crime. I also don't agree that cannabis is a "gateway" drug. I believe that legalization is simply a fact of life and that we can and should get ahead of the curve of change. I'd use the tax dollars that we generate for two things, by the way: more options and better treatment for serious drug issues; and investing in public education so our kids stay in school and don't get into trouble in the first place. We should talk about the issue of medical cannabis too!

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I'm glad you asked about that video tape that was taken by a "tracker" sent by the Martinez campaign to a picnic. What you didn't see--because the "tracker" didn't send the whole video tape--was that as soon as former Senator Fischmann stopped talking, I told him that I didn't agree with what he'd just said or how he'd said it. Unlike Governor Martinez, who never apologized to the family of the late-Speaker Luhan for the remarks her staff made about him, I rebuked Senator Fischmann in real time and then called Gary King's campaign and apologized.

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New Mexico is losing young people, skilled people and entrepreneurs who are looking for a better place to find their futures. Instead of putting down roots, too many New Mexicans are pulling up stakes. What would you recommend I do as the next Governor to reverse this disturbing trend of New Mexicans "voting with their feet"? (As a former journalist, I have questions of my own!)

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I've said all along that New Mexico's future is "hiding in plain sight." We have the talent, the technology, the history, culture, and resources to have an economy that provides great jobs and personal opportunity for all of our people. And we can have the kind of opportunities that are so appealing that our young people and skilled workers stop leaving the state! So: make New Mexico the most sustainable state in the country, with renewable energy and wise use of our water and natural resources. That way we combine our unmatched livability with economic opportunity. We emphasize our "cultural creatives" and link that community up with high-speed Internet--and we become the "most Etsy-ed" state in America. We imagine an approach to tourism that substitutes "apps for maps" and we become the coolest place for young tourists to come. We hire 21 economic specialists who are based in local communities to help existing companies grow and prosper. Better job training, more entrepreneurship, match vocational education with growing career opportunities--that's why our future is "hiding in plain sight"!

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I had no idea that crime was taking place until 30 years after the fact. It was a crime and I deplore it.