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I agree with everything you listed, but have to mention that those rules are not always fool proof. A story I rarely share is saving a competitive open water swimmer from drowning. She was training with a friend a couple of days after a competition on lake Michigan and had a panic attack. She went under several times. Her friend was at the other end of what used to be a gravel pit and didn't know she was struggling. My daughter got my attention (she is the real hero of this story) and I jumped in (and lost my glasses I had just bought. Thankfully my eye doctor heard of the event and gave me a new pair for free) and pulled her to the other side. 911 was called because she had inhaled a bunch of water and she thanked me for saving her. I said, "don't thank me, thank the company that made that orange inflatable thing that you activated or else I never would have had the time to get to you before you ended up at the bottom of this pit. I was smoking a cigarette when my daughter was yelling that someone needed help. I used to be a strong swimmer but was out of shape. After I unzipped her wetsuit (she asked me to) so she could breath better and was pulling her to shore I was thinking, "fuck, we are both going to die now". I was struggling to pull her up on shore enough to keep her face out of the water because we were both so exhausted. I have no idea what happened to her after that, but I hope she didn't get pneumonia or something from all the water I could hear in her lungs. I went home and slept for hours after the adrenaline wore off.

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I was in a meeting listening to our CEO on speaker phone during an investor call. Mid call my boss asked me, "Alawyrm, what are you doing? Taking notes? Why?". I said "Nope, I'm just keeping track of every time he says 'uh' between words". After the first few minutes it was all I could hear. I became hyper focused on it because I remembered my highschool speech and debate teacher drilling it out of us. I almost filled a piece of paper with tally marks by the end of the call. That guy could have benefitted from your services.

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They weren't bothered, they were just amused. None of us really cared about the call. She started cracking up when I told her what I was doing. Then she said, "Great. Now I can't not hear it either".

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Isn't that a bit like quiting as a brain surgeon to go to med school?

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They would have to be diesel powered though.