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AlUnserJr23 karma

I think that’s a great idea what they have done with the Coke tents. If I have time I would love to come over and have a Gatorade!

AlUnserJr21 karma

What I’ve learned about alcoholism is its one day at a time. And I’ve learned an awful lot about myself because of this disease.

AlUnserJr20 karma

I think they are great, it gives the racers an opportunity to finish the race under green flag conditions and it’s great for the fans to.

AlUnserJr17 karma

I really wish IndyCar was not a spec series. I follow NASCAR, Formula 1, and the World of Outlaws.

AlUnserJr16 karma

It was great testing for Frank Willams! It was in December on 92’ in Estoril Portugal. I think the test came about because of my Indy 500 win. I never got to drive the active car because I feel I was going to quick in the non-active car and they didn’t want me going faster than their drivers haha!