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Work with the reddit admins? I think that would be the best thing to happen to online media in a long time.

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I'm just going to hijack this to tell you that you understood what the rest of the industry didn't. Great content, one page, big photos. I emailed you once, but I'll say it again here... Thanks.

Now a question. Is your success acknowledged at the paper, or do people put it off as something that will never work (obviously that would be a misconception)?

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https://localbitcoins.com/country/UA has a lot of information on local sellers who will be able to assist you in cashing out Bitcoins in Ukraine. They can either send you cash to PayPal or if you are in a city you can find a local seller to meet with in person (bottom of the page).

Once you do it once and understand the process it should be very easy for anyone with moderate technical ability, since you are posting a reddit AMA I think it should be doable.

Let me know if that sounds OK because I'd love to send you a few dollars in Bitcoin.

You can also use an exchange like http://bitstamp.net/ to sell the Bitcoin and withdraw to any bank account with an IBAN.

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No problem guys, thank you for having an open mind and trying something new :). Localbitcoins is a bit of a process, I'm sure you'll understand it fine but if you have trouble cashing out at any point please send me a message on here (click my username above the comment and click send message) or an email to [email protected]. I will be glad to help you use either Localbitcoins or Bitstamp to cash out at a good rate, or if you have any other questions about Bitcoin.

In the meantime I'll also be sending a few dollars your way (to the Bitcoin address). Cheers!

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Most (all?) of the LBC <> PayPal sellers are US-based. There is definitely a risk, but also judging by the feedback on the site plenty of successful transactions. Could be a possible alternative if you're too remote to meet with anyone face to face and don't have a bank account you can use on an exchange.