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That goat has some severe PTSD

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What difference does it make? There isn't enough in total.

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Elden rings

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These problems have little to do with the plastics themselves, but are driven by the lack of infrastructure to dispose and recycle them properly.

Where is your data to back up this claim? This is utter nonsense.

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First of all, thank you for doing what you are doing. However I want to point out that I do not believe you understand the country of Afghanistan if you ever thought the ANA would stand and fight. It wouldn't matter when we left, the ANA would crumble as soon as we left. The country is divided into too many states that have no union. The best analogy that was given for this was if Mexico, the U.S., and Canada all formed a united military from citizens (mostly illiterate) willing to fight in-exchange for temporary money. Would unpaid U.S. citizens stuck in Mexico want to fight the Mexican cartel to help free Mexican citizens when the U.S. citizens were only there fighting because of the temporary money (that money stopped as soon as NATO and U.S. forces pulled out)? No, they won't because they aren't going to fight the cartel for free. They would rather live and escape back to their home.

It is unfortunate that the people that didn't want to evacuate because they believed the ANA would stand and fight are now stuck there. However as soon as the U.S. provided any intelligence that the ANA were crumbling all of Afganistan would of immediately fell as soon as that news broke.