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Reddit needs updates when this happens!!

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If it's not Phantom Racer, I'm coming for you.

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I have been waiting desperately for this AMA, so I just want to say first of all, thank you so much for doing this for us, and for your amazing work on the show. Dothraki sounds just like it should!

So, I enjoy creating my own languages and contexts for them in my free time, and am an amateur fan of linguistics. I wanted to ask - how do I get a job like yours? How did you go about getting this position on Game of Thrones, or any position in creating languages for that matter, and what advice would you have for someone wanting to do the same?

Thank you so much!

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"Featuring NSP because obviously"

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Props to you for playing what you really love from your work. Gotta say though, the OG No Pants Dance is still one of my favorites, so I'm very grateful you guys remade it, since it keeps it current!