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Thank you for the response!

I can definitely agree there. Much more formalized research is needed to actually demonstrate that the drug can be helpful for certain disorders if at all. I personally believe it will eventually have a larger acceptance in medicine, especially psychiatry/psychology down the line but that may be a few years away. Like you mentioned, its also contingent upon the risk/benefit of it when they are found. I think the cigarette comparison is a fair one, as there are many camps who abuse, or blindly subscribe to the idea that it is a 100% safe and beneficial, but are ignorant to the fact that anything can be addictive and abused. I'm especially curious to see where the research goes and wouldn't be opposed to getting into it myself if there's an opportunity as a research assistant.

Thanks again for the response!

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Hi Dr. Rosenthal,

Glad to see you've made the big leagues with an AMA. Congratulations!

About two years back, had just earned a bachelors in psychology, and took a job as an operations mover/maintenance worker at the university without an inkling of a next step. During my year long stint as a college-educated laborer (joining the masses), I picked up a copy of The Gift of Adversity. I wouldn't go as far as claiming it was a life-changing book, but it certainly helped me see the silver linings within the social constructs I just wrote off as failures, as well as helping me try to learn something from everyone. Thank you for the extensive insight that's assisted me in earning a master's in applied community psychology, where I too am conducting research on meditation and its benefits for at-risk adolescents. Your book contributed to my continued education.

Now for my questions.

Now that more holistic and eastern traditions are entering the limelight when it comes to psychological research, what is your personal stance on the treatment of disorders like PTSD, GAD, depression, etc. with medical cannabis? Do you think there is substantive research being conducted now that it's legal for recreational use in states like Washington and Colorado? Additionally, is this an area of research someone looking for experience like me should watch for on the scientific horizon?

Personally, I believe that its use, in combination with meditation and psychotherapy, could alter the status quo regarding psychopharmaceuticals and their overprescription. Especially considering some of the damaging side-effects of some drugs both short and long-term.

I understand this may be a touchy subject from a PR standpoint so please PM me if you're not comfortable answering on here.

Thanks !