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How do you feel about the newest anne of green of gables show on Netflix?

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Too bad I asked it a bit too late.

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Damn is like that Stephen King book Misery. So sad, some people never get the help they need.

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Oh that's cool

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I have a few questions I hope you have time to answer.

  1. Do you think mind sports such as chess will ever take place in the Olympics?

  2. With the rising controversy of transgender athletes, would it be possible for the Olympic Committee to push for more mixed-sex competitions?

  3. The paralympics have had a long controversial relationship with the Olympics. Do you think there's a chance some kind of cooperation between the two organizations can happen so both events are guaranteed fair treatment?

  4. Obviously the committee and sports organizations can only do so much to stop steroid use. But as a former athlete yourself do you think prevalence of steroids in top level athletes has had a negative effect the way people look at sports and exercise in general?

  5. What are the requirements for a new sport to be added?