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Agromahdi12312 karma

i think i have a male eating disorder but nobody takes me seriously. How can i change this? how do i know? i seem to like to starve myself for days at a time sometimes.

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in your interviews how impactful was anxiety on the disorder, for me i cant tell if ive fallen into a terrible cycle of anxiety. I dont wanna delve too deep in my history with mental health but it was not a good one that caused me to be exceedingly cynical for the past 20 odd years on the industry and am only just starting to let that angst go.

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Thanks! im lucky to have all the supportive family and friends that i could ever want, and as a person who watched people bottle emotions a lot in life, i am very open, and talk a lot to people about stuff, i just feel like my tricks arent working as well as they used too.

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i developed i think some unhealthy coping mechanisms for it, but yes im pretty much at that point where i feel like i need a professional to help me, im gonna get there eventually but i was pretty curious about this because ex girlfriends have called me "manorexic". Give me any literature or statistics you have im always game to learn more.