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Agonlaire17 karma

We rescued a puppy when she was around one month old, she was thrown over a fence into a house yard. She was very very scared all the time, and while she's doing better now at 8-9 months, she's still very quite easy to scare.

Sometimes she'll get very scared, bark and pee if she's in deep sleep and I go out of my room, she also pees all over and gets very submissive 90% of the times someone arrives home, she also barks if any noise is made in the front of the house or if she hears human voices, also very scared of "strangers".

Recently a friend came over for a bit, she was scared at first but was quick to improve, a few minutes later another friend arrived and she was very scared and didn't really get over it, she just stopped barking after s while but looked scared.

Other than that she's always comfortable around the house, she's always around anyone at home, sleeps under my desk when I'm working, follows anyone who goes downstairs, etc. Aside from her nervousness and scares, she's very playful and honestly a really great dog.

Is there a way to "fix" any of this? I'm also a bit worried because she looks to be a pitbull mix.