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Wow, that sure gave me something to think about. I guess I just assumed all these diamonds would be passed down as heirlooms or something, but that's true for only a portion of them and the other half would get sold!

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How did you find out about this app, and the travel function? I see an article saying it has 160 functions, I imagine the travel function would be hard to find unless someone already told you of it.

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What kind of diamonds do you make? A raw lump of diamond you still need to manually cut and shape, or is the 'rock' component taken out and its already nicely formed into a round shape?

Is it hard to make colored diamonds? If you want to make a colored diamond, how do you mix the components in order to form a diamond that's uniformly colored instead of a gradient? (Though a gradient diamond sounds awesome)

Lastly, is it easier to make diamonds simply because they are the hardest stone? If you have to make a softer stone such as emerald or opal, can you use your current machines to basically crush them until an opal pops out?

Thanks for this AMA!!