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AgentSterling_Archer16 karma

Your work around the city is greatly entertaining - I will say, I think Eric Adams hates anyone who doesn't think he's NYC's savior. Seriously, he speedran "More Disliked than De Blasio" any% and killed it in like a month.

Any forthcoming plans to strike again, and maybe a clue towards whom/what?

AgentSterling_Archer1 karma

As much as Florida Man is a meme on here, there is some top-notch reporting coming from the state - this report and the Epstein report from the Miami Herald are 2 absolutely can't-miss pieces. I can't begin to express how glad I am to see this type of reporting.

My question is: have the locals - citizens or government - started formulating any plans to counter this takeover? Would there be any recourse they could take to keep this sort of mass purchases under control?