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AgentParkman3 karma

/u/iamthatis Is there a reason why there is no Downvote button? And is there any chance you would consider it?

I dont personally feel much use of the down-vote button most times however sometimes people in Comments need to go to hell and with apollo its extra steps to get them there.

Amazing work on the app!

AND THE ICONS ARE LOVELY! Currently rockin Retrowave!

AgentParkman2 karma

Ahh yea that makes sense. Well then there's fair & good reason behind it, so Im good!

Thanks dude!

AgentParkman2 karma

Yes precisely! Unfortunately thats only with default settings, my swipes takes me Back or Saves, and tapping Collapses!

I figured cluttering was the reason.

Well if you never know what to do next perhaps you could do so double tapping the Up-vote downvotes instead, see cluterless! Fingers Crossed!

Love the app either way! Thanks for the reply and your work with the Shelter!