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You should totally see 'Hell Baby'. The best terrible portrayal of catholic priests I have ever seen.

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How do you feel about the directives to follow canon law above local laws regarding these issues? Ie you inform the bishop before the police.

This is the root of the problem in my mind and has caused me to stop attending Mass. I cannot in good faith attend a church that behaves as a(in my mind) criminal organization.

I come from a very catholic family(as in you've likely heard of my parents or read their works) and my family even adopted a priest during sexual abuse accusations towards him. Due to the churches refusal to bring the issue to a civil court he was unable to mount a proper defense. As such he was stripped of his rights to perform mass and banished from his home and family to be assigned more than 2500km away. Obviously this has effected my willingness to engage with the magisterium.

Just wondering how a priest can reconcile following canon law above or alongside civil law in a functioning democracy.

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How do you counter the self defeating intent of your mission statement?

Ie everyone living according to their conscience.

You have called out Islamic extremism and Isis particularly, are these people not acting within the precepts of their conscience and perceptions of their religious upbringing?