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What do you think about movements to promote fundamental campaign finance reform? Will that help solve a lot of this pseudo-corruption that seems to be growing in our government?

I'm afraid that huge money from corporations and special interests is turning our government into a for-sale PolicyMart. Money from special interests is drowning out the voice of individual voters.

Sometimes people seem turned off by this issue as if it is some kind of partisan wrangling. But this is NOT a partisan issue. This is an American issue.

Our politicians are supposed to be employees of the people, not our masters. We hired our legislators to make policy and to solve real problems, not to spend most of their time phone calling rich people for money just so they can get elected again.

Anyway, I thought I'd point out some information and some organizations that are trying to do something to solve this problem:

Our politicians need to fear and respect the will of the people again. I think we can fix things, but we each need to get motivated.

We shouldn't let congress bathe in the warm, soothing comfort of our apathy and malaise.

(Note: I am not an official in any of the above organizations. Nor am I affiliated with a special interest or even a political party. I'm just a random guy who's frustrated with his government.)

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Movie Myth: car doors, drywall, and various other flimsy things make good cover against gunfire.

Have you guys addressed this one yet?

I see this all the time in movie shootouts ... hero ducks behind some silly wall or couch or something and the badguy bullets don't hit him.

In reality, even 9mm pistol rounds can pass through several houses or completely through a car to harm innocents down-range.

It would be interesting to see how many houses and cars various kinds of bullets can pass through ... 9mm, .45acp, 5.56, and 12g buckshot. Might as well throw in a 50cal if you can afford to simulate that many houses or cars :)

I had a conversation with a cop once and he said that they were considering switching to 556 rifles because they posed less down-range risk than 9mm pistol rounds and 12g buckshot? I had a hard time believing that because muzzle energy is so much higher for the carbine. But maybe it's true?

He didn't like me after I doubted him. But I didn't get arrested or anything.