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As someone else who was falsely convicted I have to agree with this and add that we will never see reform until DA and police are prosecuted for charging people who are likely innocent.

In my case the DA had a signed and dated document that proved my innocence and a witness statement that i was guilty. Under the rules of evidence the document is presumed true. This means he committed perjury be charging me with the crime.

In my case a witness claimed he saw me committing the crime and later admitted on the witness stand that he had made that up because the police told him I was guilty and the didnt have enough evidence to convict me. Again this is perjury, a felony.

The jury convicted me anyway, simply because they didnt understand what all of this meant.

The perjury in my case was never prosecuted and never will be. This means more innocent people will go to jail because the DA and police are committing crimes to send them there knowing they are likely innocent.

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The female bias in the legal system doesnt just apply to marriage.

If a woman hits a man it's funny, if he hits back he committed a crime.

If a woman has sex with an underage boy she gets probation, if a man has sex with an underage girl he gets 10 years in prison.

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I was falsely accused, arrested and imprisoned by sworn officers of the law

So was I.

I too want to say thanks to the CIP.

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The sad truth is that nobody in a position to do something about crooked cops has any incentive to do so and they, like you, know they risk being murdered.

You are a true hero.

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I want to say this out loud really bad.